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The ABC country hour radio interview you hear is from a pro-development rally at Burnie Tasmania.

We Love Tasmania

Pro Development Site

Thanks for calling in to our We Love Tasmania Pro Development Site, The people behind these pages are involved to a wide range of Tasmanian Pro-Development groups as you can see below, We Love Tasmania itself are not affiliated with any of the groups, but are here to assist them to get their stories out there.

Greens Use Our State and Our Jobs for Bargaining with Other Political Parties

As the site names says We Love Tasmania and are sick of our politicians using Tasmania as a bargaining object when negotiating with the greens, we have seen it over and over with Tasmania and its people always the losers. Well Tasmanians will not except being a play thing, between the greens and any other political party or politician who try to use our state as an object that can be locked up just to appease what are called latte sipping mainlanders in capital cities. These people would not even know anything about the Tasmanian Timber or Mining industries. Would not even know how the industries work or the environmental practices that are undertaken on every work site.

These people that greens and politicians want to appease are hypocrites, they live in their timber homes, use their metal appliances, watch their 70 inch TVs, drive the latest imported cars and go online with their computers and tell the timber workers and miners that they are destroying their workplace in Tasmania or Australia, donate to environmental groups that want to lock up more of our state and take jobs off Tasmania's workers. Don't get me wrong I am not against making money, but I am against people making money in our great country, then with that money donate to green groups, these large amounts of money are use as a tax deduction, but used to help close industry then where do the workers and their families go. Wealthy Australias that have made their money, are providing the money to take jobs away from workers.

We all are Shareholders in Australia's Future

Both wealthy and middle income green supporters who have superannuation in the markets making them money as every Australian does, but green donors money that comes from mining and other resources profits They are using all the benefits that come from Australian owned resource companies but donate to green groups that are trying to close and upset these industries by their sometimes illegal activities, causing these companies to lose money. Green group Markets For Change even go to other countries and threaten resourse industry customers.

Does that make senses to you. that green donors give money to people whose only ambition is to make Australian companies loss money which in turn loses your superannuation money plus of course all Australians money through government benefits. Timber Workers and Miners know that we have to hand back their work areas

In fact there are areas that visitors to our state of Tasmania have thought that they were walking into pristine forests and when told that the area was mined or the trees harvested in the past the visitors are surprised and amazed that it can not be seen where past work has been carried out.

Sustainable Development is Important to Tasmania

Sustainable development of Australian and Tasmanian natural resources is undertaken under the strict government regulatory requirements that are drawn up with every project, the managers of the companies that wish to operate or are presently operating within Tasmania must

have an understanding of our fragile environment and take the environment in mind when making their companies decisions. Tasmanian Minerals Council Coucil Mr Wayne Bould

A majority of Tasmanian's understand that we have to have sustainable development and that this is very important to our present and future lifestyles, The President of the Tasmanian Minerals Council, Wayne Bould, told a rally at Smithton on 23 June 2013 "The latest surveys demonstrate they spent nearly $1.2 billion on goods and services in Tasmania in one year, with two-thirds of that being spent with some 250 smaller Tasmanian businesses."Imagine if this amount of money was not being spent in our local economies

We understand that we must look after the environment when undertaking mining, forestry, agriculture and aquaculture as the majority of Tasmanian's support these principles of sustainable development.

You will see in most dark green groups propaganda that these groups would like most of Tasmania locked up with no forestry, no mining, no aquaculture, But the people within these groups demand that the state and federal governments provide them with the services that all other Australians that work hard and provide the income for governments who need the money to provide services for all Australians.

Green Supporters and Donors are hypercritics.

Green supporters and their donors live in houses, their houses contain timber framing, the nails that hold the timber together come from mining, the windows are made from minerals from mines, the window frames come from minerals, The tiles in the kitchen and bathroom come from mines, even the cement and the gravel in the concrete come from mines, Where ever you look through out the home you will see a object that most likely comes from a tree or a mine. Yet the Greens and their groups work hard to close these industries.

Would you call them hypercritics?

With no timber harvesting or mining there will be none of these things. How do they expect us to have these things, maybe they think we should only have timber for the worlds dwindling forests overseas that are not replanted, or close all mines within Australia. Do you want a lower standard of living you will have if the greens get their way?

Join a Pro Development Group That Suits You.

How would you feel if your job was taken away from you, this is what environmentalists have done to Tasmanian's Timber industry workers and now they are after our mining industry and miners? You can help protect our industries and jobs by telling them enough is enough and show your support by becoming active in a Pro - Development group that suits you. Just click on the link and have your say.

Note: Please be aware some only some pages have course language on them, as some people get emotional on some subjects.

The Pro Development groups needs YOUR HELP.

We need your help in fighting the anti-development groups in the future, This help will not only be in the Tarkine but all around Tasmania. This help could be in any form from donations or thru to the use of your time.

All our actions will be non-violent and not extreme as green groups..

We would also like the people of Tasmania that are in favour of our development cause to also think about using the media to have your say, this is the favourite way our opponents use and we should be using the same methods. For all the contact information for this media go to our

Do our cause and the district a favour page. >>>CLICK HERE

The pages on this web site will hopefully show you how Tasmania has been used by politicians as a bargaining tool in an effect to appease mainland voters.

We Love Tasmania has it own Facebook Page, Join the group and have your say>>>> CLICK HERE

The Image and Click Here links will take you to any of the Pro Development Groups pages.

Tasmanian Pro Development Groups

Have Your Say About Tasmanian Development

Pro Tarkine Tarkine Development

Pro Tarkine Development Coalition

This Mining and nature have coexisted in North Tasmania for over 100 years. Mining is a critical part of the region's economy - and with several major projects currently planned, mining will continue to play a central role in its future prosperity..

Why must our friends and family have to continually leave North-West Tasmania to seek employment, and to be part of a growing economy. >>READ MORE HERE


Give it Back -Facebook Page

Give it back is a group that supports the sustainable use of Tasmania's natural resources. This includes agriculture, fishing, mining and forestry.

Give it back aims to be the alternative voice to this imbalance.

GIVE IT BACK is about balance in Tasmania.


Tasmanian Mining

Tasmanian Mining Facebook Pages

Tasmanian Mining provides a voice for working Tasmanian's and their families to fight for a fair go in decisions that are vital to their job prospects and their future.

This is the official Facebook fanpage of this important industry of Tasmanian Mining - Follow site links to their web pages.


We Love Tasmania

We Love Tasmania-Facebook Pages

This page is a place of support for those who are doing it tough, a place to share information about what is happening, and a place to draw a line in the sand for those extreme environmentalists and social and economic vandals who masquerade as 'our saviours'. We see through your bullshit and are fighting back.


Save Our Tasmanian Sawmills

The Facebook pages of Tasmanian Saw millers throughout the state, These saw millers and the people that are said to be the people that will benefit from the IGA but most are suspicious of both government and the committee itself. We invite you to have your say on these pages >> READ MORE HERE

Unlock Tasmania facebook page

Unlock Tasmania-Facebook Page

The creation of our organisation came about as result of the groups concern about the loss of 50 jobs per week in our region. We also felt the despair and the general lack of confidence in the community and local business.
Our Aim is to: foster community discussion on how we can achieve the best outcome for creating opportunity for jobs of choice and balanced use of all our resources to build vibrant communities in our wonderful part of Tasmania.. >>READ MORE HERE

Unlock Tasmania web site

Give It Back-Official Web Page

Everyone can say you are earning more interstate,than you would in Tasmania but when you spend 60-80% of the year away from your family, you miss out on your children's birthdays important school dates, witnessing the moments that make you a proud father. There is NO amout of money that could ever replace that. Evan McMillan (FB) ..... >>READ MORE HERE

Support Tasmanian Timber

Support Tassie's Timber Industry

This page is a place of support for those who are doing it tough, a place to share information about what is happening, and a place to draw a line in the sand for those extreme environmentalists and social and economic vandals who masquerade as 'our saviours'. We see through your bullshit and are fighting back


Unlock Tasmania Web Page

Unlock Tasmania - Official Web Site

Unlock Tasmania is a public organization founded in 2012 with the express purpose of providing a way for the majority locals to have a say in the future of our region. The organisation was started by Joan Rylah who became very concerned about the economic stagnation and job losses locally.>>READ MORE HERE

Support Tasmanian Timber

Save Tasmania

We need to stop the destructive voice of the minority Greens and Environment groups. They are Killing Tasmania with their negative attitude. Tasmania can't survive without the industry like Forestry and Mining, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fishing as well as Tourism.


Huon Valley Resource

Huon Resource Development Centre

This is the Facebook page for the Huon Resource Development group to support sustainable industries based upon natural resources within Tasmania's Huon Valley

Why must our friends and family have to continually leave the community that they live in to seek employment, and to be part of a growing economy. >>READ MORE HERE

Shows a harvested section of a hill

We Support the Timber Industry

Support for the Timber Workers of the world! ALL Timber Workers. People should recognise the fact that they use timber through their homes, Environmental groups have nearly closed the Timber industry in Tasmania through lies and mistruths.