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Forest Reduction Burns are Necessary

Over the last few years the Tasmanian environmentalists have been criticising Forestry Tasmania reduction burns at every opportunity.

From the Tasmanians Greens web site. Greens Health spokesperson Paul ‘Basil’ O’Halloran MP says "burn-off practice are outdated, old-school and not in line with appropriate practice today".

“Once again Tasmania’s beautiful autumn days are blighted by the dense smoke plumes blocking out the sun and choking our air,” Mr O’Halloran said.

By not having the same amount of either high or low intensity burns as Tasmania had after the the 1960's fires, we have put ourselves in a position where people that want to build their homes in our beautiful country side have been put in extreme danger. If reduction burning is done at the right time of the year where the ground and surrounding trees have the right moisture content it is possible to light the undergrowth and the fire will slowly creep through the undergrowth slowly without climbing up into the larger trees, this removes the undergrowth that will intensify in dry hot weather and if you have wind with this you have major problems .

Undergrowth fire

This image shows the intensity of the dry undergrowth fire this is removed in a Autunm reduction burn.


Tracy French commented on Give It Back facebook pages. We will never stop mother nature and her fires , but we can ease the severity of those fires, by burn offs or fuel reduction burns, this is something many people already know , lets hope those who think they know what they are doing start listening to those that actually do.

The people who do know what they are doing, Forestry Tasmania have been hard pressed to perform these high or even low intensity burns, without being criticised for the smoke that it causes or their is a chance that there could be a protective species in the areas. Even when Forestry Tasmania undertake studies of the areas, consult with the weather bureau to make certain that the wind is blowing in a specified direction away from populated areas, but still the newspapers the next day are full of complaints. Some people within the country communities think that these letters have been organised from within the environmentalists groups.

Hobart Fires

Burnt down Shed

Some images from the Hobart 2013 fires. Note the intendancy of the right image that it looks like the air is burning.

Did you know that once a forest is protected as a reserve or similar fire fighters can not go into that forest and put in fire breaks as no one is allowed to take a machine into that area, in other words the forest burns until it rains. Some times they might try to control it from the air. Is this conservation?

Also the government with pressure from the environmentalists and wineries have put the public that lives with the forest or bush around them or near them in extreme danger by not allowing reduction burns. One of the main industries that hates reduction burns is the wineries as they tell the authorities that it smokes the grapes, but if the reduction burns around wineries should be done before the vines form leaves or of course grapes. the wineries are not worried

Did you know that no reduction burns are to be performed around or close to a towns or an inhabittal areas, would anyone with a brain not know that this would be the best thing to do to protect the town and houses from wild fire as we have had, A good example of this is the story below from the Mercury.

Burn-off saves family farm

Writen by ROGER HANSON   |   January 07, 2013

A CONTROLLED burn off towards the end of last year has saved a Forcett farm. For the full story;

Sixth-generation farmer Brad Grattidge, who has three farms in the Forcett area, said a controlled burn-off of 160ha couple of months ago saved his 485ha property, Rayburn.

"We had approval from Tas Fire to do the burn off and it cut off the bushfire before it got to us," Mr Grattitdge said.

"It saved us, we only lost a few fences, we were lucky."

Brad Grattidge knew that a reduction burn would make his farm safer from fires and it did. But why do not governments do the same thing with towns and habitable areas, These 2013 fires should not have been so devastating as they were. Ask a bushy and he will tell you the same thing that we are say here, the only problem, there is only a few true bushies left after the green groups have devastated the timber industry.


A piece of The Telegragh Story written by Miranda Devine

“If I pulled my hair out any more I wouldn’t have any,” laments Phil Cheney, Australia’s foremost expert on bushfire behaviour, now retired from the CSIRO.

“It drives me to total frustration (that) governments are reluctant to spend money on preventative measures. They are great on helicopters flying around because it looks good. But they’re better off having a bit more smoke in the sky in autumn.”

Cheney says to manage fire you need a scientifically prescribed regimen of strategic light burns in cooler months.

That will reduce fuel loads which in turn reduces the power and intensity of bushfires. Cheney’s submission to the Victorian bushfires royal commission advocated strategic burning of 10 per cent of public land annually. The commission recommended an “annual rolling target of 5 per cent minimum of public land” - better than nothing.

Forestry Tasmania and timber company Gunns used to carefully manage their bits of forest and ensure fuel loads were kept at reasonable levels in order to protect their investment. When fires inevitably broke out their logging contractors had the equipment, know-how, and manpower to lay firebreaks and control the flames.


Dimity Hirst from Give It back Facebook Pages say's it all with this; I didn't say you ... as exactly that its your business as it is mine. But I am shitty as hell. In fact I am furious. The greens actively protest against any sort of management in the reserves in case it upsets the natural balance, you are a member of such a group ... if you feel this way why can't you be a of part turning it around? Publicly pushing the fact that the bush needs managing instead of locking up? Instead you and your group are all for locking up and NOT managing more of our state ? You can't have it both ways ... its either a reserve or its not. AND reserves aren't managed.


Tony Scott Say's on his Facebook Page;

“Tasmania usually makes the national headlines these days from the antics of people who want to save trees. They become invisible when the people who really try to save trees, volunteer fire fighters, are out there risking their lives to try to subdue bushfires.
Tasmania has a massive potential disaster on its hands because of forest reserves that are not allowed to be managed for such things as bushfires, pests and weeds. If you cannot construct fire breaks and remove flammable material in the understorey, there is an inferno waiting to happen.”

tasmanian Fire

Helen's say on Facebook, Get. Back To Basics,
Recently I wrote a letter to be presented to Julia Gillard on my behalf late last year. In this letter I expressed my disappointment of the demise of our forest Industry, also my concern for a bad Bush fire season this summer.
Up until the 15 yrs ago in the Tyenna Valley, Florentine Valley and the Gordon Button Grass plains, regular Low Intensity Burns were done.
These Fuel Reduction Burns were done with careful planning to make sure it had low impact on the environment and wildlife.
They helped to protect our small rural townships, also our forests and timber Industry.
The button Grass plains out to the West of the Florentine Valley used to get burned every 5 year's this would protect the Valley from fires caused by Lighting Strikes that would come from the South/West in the summer where you get a lot of strikes.
The burn offs on the button grass plains would also provide fresh shoots of grasses for our wildlife.
But this doesn't happen any more as we are told that there's rare plants, snails ect, which ironically, has survived decades of low Intensity Burns, including from the native Tasmanians who would also undertake burn offs as they moved through an area.
So is a rare snail is more important than towns ,resources and the many types of wildlife that is lost in a Bush fire, you make up your own mind.
So as we now can see the devastation that bush fires cause. Just look around Tassie and see how bad this fire has affected us. Not only the burn out fences, homes or emotional stress but the many animals both wild and domestic.
After a long 30hrs this weekend I spent fighting fires on the Repulse fires in which I was devastated to see the damage, a cow sitting on a burnt paddock, wildlife dazed as they tried to run for their life's, black everywhere. Turning on the News or reading the paper brings tears to my eyes.
The sad fact is summer has just started, the difference between a burn off and a bush fire that is bush fire is not controlled.
So yes I consider the Greens 75% to blame for this Tragedy the other 25% I blame us for letting this happen.
Since this fire has started I haven't seen one Green pollie or a radical protester fighting the fires.

Just a quick last note, to suffer a little smoke from a Low Intensity Burn is much more bearable than raging smoke clouds filled with hot embers.!!!


Note from Webmaster; I would like to point out that Helen and her family both past and present are proud Tasmanian timber workers that have been forced out of the industry over the last few years. <<<READ THEIR STORY HERE.

An article in the Telegragh written by Miranda Devine on Tuesday, January 08, 2013 that should be read>>> READ MORE HERE


Another article from the Mercury and written by ROGER HANSON | January 11, 2013 <<<READ MORE HERE shows that the government and it departments have been behind the changing in reduction burns policies these policies were reinforced after the 60 fires, it seams that government departments with public pressure from the greens do not learn from the past and have short memories, we have been lucky in a manner that there have been no deaths, but will the government remove these people that have change these policies over the years although this would not replace the people homes, their businesses and livelihoods or their precious memories. Lets go back to the way we use to manage our forests from wildfires and have reduction burns althrough it will take many years to make the bush safer again.


We have received a lengthy email from one of our Tasmanian Green MP's and some facebook comments from their supporters that disagrees with sections of this web site, all we can say is that the Tasmanian Greens own news releases including their radio and TV interviews over the years tell us a different story, but we leave it up to the readers to make up their own minds.


I have just seen the Tasmanian Greens Facebook Page which say's that they are in favour of burn offs or reduction burns. You can download the press release where the Quote above has come from by clicking here

It is up to all of us to suffer a little smoke in Autumn knowing that this will help protect us in times of intense fires.


All images on this page was provided by Helen on the first weekend of the fires and while fighting the fires, Thanks Helen.