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Lets Change the Rules Not Close It Down.

Just listening to the local Tasmanian wide radio station talking about the Tasmanians economy, guess what they were saying. We need more industry and jobs then our young Tasmanians will come back to their home state to work. 
What happens when we attract industry in Tasmania other then tourism of course. The greens and their sponsors drive them out of the state by telling us that the industry is bad for the state or go overseas and visit the industries overseas customers and tell them mis-truths or half truths, The industry goes broke or is forced to leave the state to a more business friendly state like NSW, Vic or WA. how can we get anywhere until the federal government makes this type of industrial terrorism is made illegal, then if Peg Putt or Bob Brown even talks about bad mouthing Tasmanian industry customers either local or overseas they will be hit with steep penalties or some jail term.
It will take years of hard work to get our state back to where investors in industry see that it is worth while to spend their money here, To start the ball rolling Tasmanians must stand up to these industrial terrorists by letting industry know that the majority of Tasmanian's are willing to stand up to these industrial terrorists, There was no reason to close the majority of the timber industry,. Yes the dollar was high but other industies were struggling as well as the timber industry. Look at tourism as an example. Most Australians were and still are heading overseas to have their extra cheap holidays, did the government devistate the tourist industry, No they know that the tourists will come back in large numbers when the dollar rises again.

But what did the government do? When the timber industry has a slow patch and when the greens are in the final throws of devistating Gunns overseas client base. The state government by having and lisening to the greens in cabinet, have close most of the timber remaining industry down, then with the assistance of a group of mainland based highrucy are taking more productive forests with the land that grows them and lock it up.

Tasmanian industries are not as large or wide spread as on the mainland, in fact we only have a few small scale industries compared to the mainland, with resiplical smaller businesses that feed off the few lager industries. When a major industry like the timber industry reduces in size as it has in Tasmania, then the economy will feel the impact for some time. Plus the way it has been handled by the govenment it makes the problem even worse as major inverstors are relucdant to invest in Tasmania for all the above reasons.

Lets start by supporting ALL Tasmanian Industries both any possible new industries, old and long lasting industries as well as the old and struggling industries that will come back as a profitable if managed properly.



Ron Boswell Press Release.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012 06:05

Queensland Senator Ron Boswell today called on Treasurer Wayne Swan to ensure green groups like WWF could be investigated over Broswellpossible secondary boycotts.

“I am calling on the Government to take action to amend the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 appropriately to ensure green NGOs can be referred to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) under sections 45D and 45E relating to secondary boycotts.

“Right now, environmental non-government organisations are exempt from the secondary boycott provisions of the Act and they’re getting away with blue murder. It’s hurting the Australian economy. It’s hurting jobs. It’s hurting families. It’s got to stop.

“This is a very serious issue potentially affecting all primary producers and consumers across the country,” Senator Boswell said. “It should be investigated as a matter of urgency.”

Speaking in the Senate today, Senator Boswell said the way NGOs were trying to restrict what products could be sold by Australian producers and bought by Australian and overseas consumers must be open to action by the ACCC.

“As an example, after last week’s collapse of the Tasmanian forest talks between industry and the green NGOs, we saw some of the radical green groups immediately announce they would try to damage sawmillers by targeting their markets. In other words, try to instigate a boycott of these Tasmanian forest products. That’s a familiar pattern.

Senator Boswell said he was also particularly concerned about “sustainability certification” schemes being run or promoted by NGOs like WWF and Greenpeace.

“Under these schemes, the NGOs want the final say on certifying what is, and what is not, ‘sustainable’ in primary production and, in turn, what can, and cannot, be sold to consumers. The ultimate intent of these moves by WWF and other environmental activists involved in certification is to ensure that only goods certified under their schemes are sold through Australian retail outlets, such as supermarkets, furniture retailers, etcetera.

“Of course, to have the products certified in the first place – and then have that certification renewed on a regular basis so those products can continue to be sold to the Australian public – costs producers a substantial amount of money.”

Senator Boswell said that, according to the ACCC definition, secondary boycotts occurred when two persons together engage in conduct that hinders or prevents a third person from supplying to, or acquiring goods or services from, a fourth person. They were prohibited if their purpose is to cause substantial loss or damage to a business or a substantial lessening of competition in a market.

“Isn’t that what is happening when environmental activist organisations collude with others to set up a body or scheme as the arbiter of what is ‘sustainable’?

“We are already seeing these green activists behind bodies like the Forest Stewardship Council, trying to dictate what timber products wholesalers, retailers and consumers should be allowed to buy or sell, and likewise the Marine Stewardship Council wanting to do the same with fish. Next on the agenda is a plan to dictate whose beef products people should be allowed to put on their plates.”

Press Release ends


Questions for Mr Booth.

Greens member of the Tasmanian parliament

Is it true, that a  prominent Green Parliamentarian Mr Kim Booth or his family imports overseas  timber into Tasmania and still says he is impartial when it comes to voting on shutting down major parts of the Tasmanian forest industry?.>> READ MORE HERE


FEDFA donates $1,120,000.00 to Get Up;

This story was first pointed out to us by a disgruntled timber worker, his union that was suppose to be representing him and the other timber workers in the Tasmania, Yet that same union was donating over one million dollars to a group that is trying to close their industry.. >> READ MORE HERE

Light Sentence for Timber Protesters

In the past all Tasmanian magistrates have been far to lenient with protesters in Tasmania, and the public are getting very sick of these people breaking the law and getting away with no or very light penalties against all protesters. I wonder how magistrates would feel and the penalties that would be handed out if protesters interrupted their place of work, the court room.


Timber Mum has her say

Mum Has Her Say to Bob Brown.

A PRO-FORESTRY campaigner gatecrashed a news conference by former Australian Greens leader Bob Brown yesterday, accusing him of putting trees before families, jobs and economic wellbeing.

As signatories of the long-awaited forests peace agreement talked up the deal, the story of Claremont mum Kelly Wilton highlighted the problems that continue to plague the industry..