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A Mum Has her say over Bob Brown.

The Mercury. MATT SMITH   |   November 23, 2012 12.01am

A PRO-FORESTRY campaigner gatecrashed a news conference by former Australian Greens leader Bob Brown yesterday, accusing him of putting trees before families, jobs and economic wellbeing.

As signatories of the long-awaited forests peace agreement talked up the deal, the story of Claremont mum Kelly Wilton highlighted the problems that continue to plague the industry.

Mrs Wilton, whose family has been hit by unemployment within the industry, took the opportunity to tell Dr Brown what she thought of the Greens and anti-forestry activists.

"What's more important, my family, my family's future or a couple of trees?" she said.Kelly Wilton

"My tactic is to fight and fight for my family."

As the creator of the Facebook page called Support Tassie's Timber Industry Like They've Supported Tassie for Years, the mother of two said environmentalists had cost her everything.

"I have gone through a marriage separation earlier in the year, my ex-husband is a logger," she said.

"I have lost $80,000 in assets in my home on a block of land in a rural area because house prices have just plummeted

"Nobody wants to live where there is no work. My son has lost an apprenticeship that was reliant on maintenance from the logging industry."

The former Bushy Park resident said she had never worked in the forest industry.

"But because of the flow-on effect I have lost the job that I had in a metropolitan area because the building industry is suffering," she said.

"I've got to a point where we sit back and do nothing now and we allow these Greens and enviro-Nazis to walk over us again and again.

We have tried that for the last 30 years and this is where it has got us.

"It is time to take a stand and time to come out fighting."

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From the Webmaster

The image above is of Kelly with her son Kai.

Kelly Wilton is passionate about the Tasmanian timber industries including the greens closing a large part of the timber industry in which she lost her house and husband because of the green group tactics in closing a large part of the Tasmanian timber industry. The anti Development groups have a great deal of respect and admiration for Kelly.


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