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Questions for Mr Booth MP

Is it true, that a  prominent Green Parliamentarian Mr Kim Booth or his family imports overseas  timber into Tasmania and still says he is impartial when it comes to voting on shutting down major parts of the Tasmanian forest industry.
When one of Tasmania’s largest companies now in liquidation, Gunns Limited purchased a small timber company at Devonport that down processed Tasmanian timber into floorboards plus other timber products it also purchased the rights to import some overseas timber. After some months it was decided that the imported timber side of the purchased business, did not fit into Gunns company strategy at the time and was sold on. The surprise is that this timber import company is rumoured to have been  purchased from Gunns by another small Tasmanian company that a Green Parliamentarian Mr Kim Booth or his family have shares in.
Mr Booth has been asked publicly if he was the person that purchased this company but Mr Booth will not give a straight answer as a matter of fact he side steps the question with another question or ridicules the person asking the question as all of the greens do, when telling the truth might cause problems.
We would like Mr Kim Booth to answer some questions that have been asked before yet not answered in our opinion, publicly by Mr Booth, that is.

Question one: Does Mr Booth or his family own out-right or have shares in a company that imports overseas timber into Tasmania?

Question two: Or did you or your family ever own shares in a timber import company that imported timber into Tasmania?

Question three: Did the authorities looked at you or this family company for importing timber without the proper paperwork?

Question four: Did you or your families company ever get penalised for importing timber into Tasmania without the right paperwork?

Question five:  Does thid company sell old growth special species timber harvested from HCV wilderness forests?

Question six: If the answer is yes, to any of the questions above then should not the Tasmanian public not be told?
Question seven: Again if the answer is yes, Do you think that you should have voted on the forest peace deal or as a matter of fact any parliamentary debate on forests? As we consider that you have a conflict of interest, because you would be in direct competition with Tasmanian saw millers, down stream timber processors and other timber contractors that you are forcing out of work including some into liquidation. We would like to hear the answers to these questions. If you would like to email your answers to groups@welovetasmania.com it would be appreciated.


Mr Booths and his sawmill even recieved a mention in Parlimant Hansard.

Mr HARRISS - Here, Madam President, in terms of continuing to trash our brand, is the real rub. I remember all too well back in 2000, just before Mr Booth's election, his then leader, Peg Putt, who now works for one of these -
Ms Forrest - Markets for Change.
Mr HARRISS - as one of the directors for Markets for Change, so she is out there trashing the brand - said prior to that election in 2000 something to the effect that Mr Booth was one of the few sawmillers from up in that region who understood the trees and so on, and she was being critical of the logging in one of the coupes on Mother Cummings Peak. She said, 'You know, at his sawmill he will not touch a log from that area with a barge pole'. The words would come home to haunt Ms Putt.
Mr Wilkinson - He bought an axe?
Mr HARRISS - No, he didn't buy an axe, but he bought some logs for his sawmill from Mother Cummings Peak, from one of the coupes. He had said that Mother Cummings Peak was being trashed. The native forest and old-growth harvesting in Mother Cummings Peak was wrecking the environment. Whose mill did they go through? Some of those logs went through the mill then being run by the honourable member for Bass, Mr Booth. This is what he said at the time:
'The destruction of this accessible wilderness was the last straw for me and started me on a journey that has brought me to this House.'
So that is what motivated him to get into the Parliament of Tasmania. It was the last straw, the destruction of this accessible wilderness. So timber that was sourced from the harvesting coupe of HU307A on Mother Cummings Peak found its way into Mr Booth's sawmill. I wonder, Madam President, whether with any slice of support for his own environmental argument he can genuinely criticise what happens in this State as to sustainable and scientifically supported practices in our forest industry. Others will make their judgments about that. I just think that is one of those major indications of hypocrisy, criticising an industry and yet you grab what you can out of it while you can.
Legislative Council Wednesday 14 March 2012 - Part 2 - Pages 49 – 109


Storage of Mr Booth's Sawmills Timber in a Cemetery Next Door

Also another story has been sent in that we would like Mr Booth to verify, is that the saw mill owned by you Mr Booths was even using a cemetery situated next to the sawmill property as additional storage for his timber, Some of the descendants of the people that were buried there though it was inconsiderate of Mr Booth towards their says that is show your contempt towards their descendants and them also . Is this correct Mr Booth?


We are still looking for more information. If you have information on this topic or any other topic that we could we would appreciate you input. Email us at groups@welovetasmania.com .


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