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The Tasmanian Devil Tumor


Note by the Webmaster;

This story is from Brett Chatwin a Tasmanian and keen fisherman, as you know you meet the most interesting people while fishing and Brett did some months ago, you will find it interesting and some of these newspapers that only seem to look at the green's news releases.This article makes an interesting read in light of TNC recent claims on the the tassie devils in the Tarkine.

Bretts Tasmanian Devil Story;

I posted the below on my wall back in March and it just goes to show how devious, deceitful and the outright lies the Tarkine coalition & greens are and what they will stoop too in their quest to stuff Tasmania.

Its amazing who you run into and what you discover. Whilst I was out fishing I ran into two Biologists from Sydney who are studying the Tassie Devil facial tumor that is wiping out our beloved devils. These two scientists have been on the case since nearly day one. They are trying to find out the cause of the tumor, how wide spread it is and a possible cure. According to fellow scientists research to date they estimate about up to 80% of the devils have already been wiped out.

An extremely interesting fact they provided was that the best habitat for devils and where you find the majority of them was in areas that have been harvested by forestry. They also said they have discovered that this is the fact for nearly all Tasmania's native species - I was truly amazed. They said you find very few devils in dense untouched forests.

They also said, "That one of their fellow scientists was approached by a green group NOT to report the above facts as it would go against what they have been seeking". The scientist put this in the report but of course us the "general" public will never get told!! They also said that they get sick of the greens saying all this stuff that is scientifically untrue and how they manipulate the data to try and convince people of their case and/or cause. These two people plus their fellow scientist have proven beyond doubt many of the greens points of view are wrong and these guys are the "true" conservationists.

They also have grave doubts about the devil found in the Tarkine with the facial tumor, whilst they can't prove it they believe it may well have been "planted" there by a certain group to enhance their so called case!! How does ONE devil all of a sudden turn up there after there has been extensive research already done and none discovered - please explain - that was their words not mine. It was so interesting speaking to the source of information - straight from the horses mouth so to speak - people without a political agenda and to get the truth and their only concern is to save the devil from extinction!!


Mick Smith. After a little bit more reading this morning I found this little gem about the Tasmanian devil: According to the Threatened Species Scientific Committee, their versatility means that habitat modification from destruction is not seen as a major threat to the species. 



Eunice.Atkins. It's funny I have known that info for years [original post] But what would I know I didn't go to the college of knowledge only the school of common sense and learnt from old bushies, and the older generations and what I have seen".


Geoff Wilkinson's Rally for Progress Speech

The speech I made at Sunday's Rally for Progress for everyone’s information. I feel it appropriate that you read this story as it is only one of the many tragic stories very few are aware of that is permeating our society.

I am not and will never have the skills of public speaking, however I was able with difficulty due to the nature of the content, read from my prepared notes on Sunday the following.


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