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Tasmanian's Friendly Nature Disappearing


Some Political Parties are Not Worried About Tasmanians Votes.

If you have ever visited our beautiful state you would have noticed how friendly Tasmanian's are, This Tasmanian friendly personality is slowly disappearing from the Tasmanian population, why? you ask, Tasmanians are becoming less friendlier and more aggressive due to the fact that other people have taken advantaged of their friendly and kind nature with forced land grabs to make them into reserves and other protective areas by political parties that believe that it is more important to loss Tasmanian votes then loss the votes on mainland Australia. >>LINK


Many Tasmanians Have Been Hurt

Many Tasmanians that have worked in the timber industries for three, four, five generations are being forced from their homes and businesses after forest campaigns that include approaching overseas clients of Tasmanian timber companies with mistruths, deception with many discussions finishing with blackmail. This blackmail is usually a threat of ad and news campaigns against these overseas companies' products in both Australia and other countries markets. These people have been known to threaten Tasmanian timber customers like Bunning's that handle Tasmanian sawn timber Then there was the time that these people threatened Harvey Norman with protests, even threatening banks of forest companies plus much more and to many to mention. People ask us why does not the government legislate to stop this form of blackmail, we do not know maybe it is because the government needs the greens to govern we do not know why this keeps happening.
Why do they want all these areas lock up and unproductive we do not know, Yes there are areas that do need protecting timber areas but why protect what has been harvested three to four times including grass plains and button grass plains. Mr Bob Brown himself has said he will not be satisfied till all of Tasmania is totally locked up into reserves or heritage areas. He is slowly getting his way with now 52% of our state of Tasmania locked up with reserves or other heritage areas. What happens to the Tasmanian People? there will be a large amount of the states population will this Tasmanians have to leave their beautiful home state to find work in other more industrial states, as the present population of 500,000 can not all be employed with tourism.


Destroying the Tasmanian Lifestyle

Many top businesses and wealthy people that salve their conscience by giving money to these green groups that in turn undertake campaigns

That destroy the lifestyle of so many Tasmanian people and families, these people think more of the trees and the tax write off then they do the people that manage the resource. The only information they know about the industry is what the people they donate the money too tell them, You will not see them talking to the people that lose their job through these same campaigns that they are financing, these people do not worry about the people that are in the bush, the people that will have no income once an area is protected even if the same area has been logged two or three times in the past and even by the same family.


A Weathy Green Supporter

One of the green groups loyal supporters has been Mrs J Cameron who makes money from people with low incomes by selling these people cheap items produced in another country by people that earn two to three dollars a day. This same women even bought a property and moved to Tasmania to live, This same person knew the heartache she was causing to the forest workers and she still keep supporting the groups forcing these Tasmanians out of employment. As Tasmanian's have found out about Mrs Cameron Donations and green support they have deserted her discount stores to the extent that all have closed.


Tarkine bush

The Truth About the Tarkine

Known to the local people as the Arthur Pieman Area, The Name Tarkine was given to the area by the greens within the Heritage Council some years ago when they started their campaign to turn the Arthur Pieman area plus other large areas around the perimeter that they have added.

There are areas within the Arthur Pieman that have been extensively mined for the large variety of minerals within some small areas. >> READ MORE HERE


Magistrates Hand Out Light Sentences

In the past all Tasmanian magistrates have been far to lenient with protesters in Tasmania, and the public are getting very sick of these people breaking the law and getting away with no or very light penalties..>> READ MORE HERE