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For a Land Owner to Log His Own Land

Do you know how much work a land owner and timber harvester has to do to be able to just to get permission to be able to log his own timber on his own land in Tasmania. Then you should watch this you tube video.


We Already Harvest Timber, While Protecting the Environment;

The Bill's have property is on South Bruny Island. A small island south of Hobart, the timber was purchased by Gunns one of Tasmania's largest private companies now in liquidation due to the terror tactics that were undertaken by the Greens and their many groups.

The coup being 60 hectares in size which had been worked some 150 years ago with the old steam equipment still left on site. Worked meaning the timber was harvested then sawn  in the old saw mill that once was on site.

This time only 47 hectares was harvested due to the environmental conditions, this being waterways reserves, some white gum was left standing, then there where a couple of unoccupied eagles nests in a couple of old trees that were left just in case they returned.


Change the present methods not LOCK IT UP.

This is proof that the timber industry can coexist with the environment, something that some  green groups say that it can not be done. Their way is to lock up all these areas, The Pro Development groups say it can be done, this story show that it can be done. Tasmanian quality timber workers have also been saying this for many years.  Politicians as well as academics have approved of the present clear fell methods  of harvesting yet the harvesting companies are persecuted for harvesting timber in a way that is permitted under these present conditions, What is wrong with politicians as well as timber academics forcing change as well as the methods of harvesting instead of closing or locking up productive timber areas. The Bill’s show you how they have done in Tasmania; we can have the timber off Tasmanians timber rich areas  and yet preserve environmental sensitive areas, No the Government has been pushed into the Greens method LOCK IT UP.


Lets have penalties if the politicians rules are not followed.

If a harvester or the coup supervisor does the wrong thing by not following the rules that politicians as well as timber academics have set, then those harvesters and coup supervisors should be banned from working in Tasmanian forests for a substantial amount of time.


Politicians make the rules, Harvesters follow the rules.