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The Tarkine is More Buttongrass.

Many of the green groups have regularly used images of the so-called Tarkine's pristine forests; they even supply the images to the media to give us the idea that the Tarkine has never been logged for its specialty timbers and that the whole area is covered in these pristine forests. Well we can tell you that the impression that the area is covered in pristine forests is totally wrong. The majority of the area is not the pristine forests but what the scientific community call Buttongrass Moorland and low lying scrub with less then half of the area what you could call pristine forest. Then there are some of these forests that have been logged for the specialty timbers as well as the eucalyptus which has been logged since the settlement of the surrounding areas.

A lot of the these forests have been logged till very resent times with some of the forests that the green groups call pristine have been logged before, There was a large saw mill at the small township that was known for the straight blackwood trees that provided some great timbers that are still plentiful in the area, a lot of the old sawmillers that worked in the mill died of lung cancer or other lung diseases, it has since been proven that blackwood timber dust does cause lung diseases.

Have the green groups mentioned that the Tarkine area has had around 600 working mines since settlement, Tasmanians largest ever gold nugget 7.5 kilos was found in the Tarkine. One of the old and larger mines had their own railways installed to carry the mined ore from the mine to the port.


North West Coast (Authur Pieman Area)

NW Tas


The west coast of Tasmania has some very rough but beautiful country, mainly Button Grass Plains, medium density scrub, rocky outcrops, mountain ranges and forests both thick and thin.

Corinna's population and township rapidly declined after 1900, when the Emu Bay railway from Burnie to Zeehan opened

Did you know that Australia's first feature film, "Jewelled Nights" written by Marie Bjelke Petersen, was filmed at Corinna and Savage River or as we know it the Tarkine in 1925.

The west coast and the Tarkine has some very historic and culture significance to the old Tasmanian families of the West Coast and North West Coast plus some even from the areas north of Hobart, with some getting very emotional when told that there are people and groups that want to close the area where their families have lived, worked played and visited for many years. In other words these people Love their parts including

We have all heard in the media and from the State and Federal governments about exit packages for contractors, so that they can leave the industry with dignity. What a load of frogs wollop! Yes some contractors have received some money, however that money in most cases has not even covered their debt, let alone provide any opportunity to find alternative employment.

There are also many contractors who weren’t eligible for any assistance, because they were working on private property and not State Forest. On top of that we hear nasty comments from the ill informed about how ungrateful these contractors are. Comments like that make me sick to the pit of my stomach. Those contractors never wanted to be forced into the position of having to accept this money in the first place. All they wanted was the right to go about their lawful work in peace, to continue to provide jobs for fellow Tasmanians and contribute to Tasmania’s economy.

The pain, suffering and dislocation of families due to the ongoing demonization of an industry that I and my very many colleagues are justifiably proud of, is a disgrace. I am ashamed of this corrupt Green/Labor government and they should be ashamed of the pain and suffering they have caused to so many.

We have become a gutless State and a gutless country, when we give in to blackmail and extortion. We have legislation that protects the eco nazis from defamation laws for Gods sake!

What other country in the world allows these criminals to go overseas and engage in industrial sabotage? While ever we continue to reward these criminals they will come back for more. What we need is legislation to deal with these eco terrorists and mandatory sentencing so that magistrates and judges with a sympathetic bent, can’t just give them a limp slap on the wrist. Until that happens there will never be peace in the forests, mines, fisheries or anywhere else.

Why should we have any faith in what these eco nazis are saying? Why should we believe in this corrupt government, when they presented the bill to the lower house without the signatures of all parties and with omissions from the original?

You have all turned up here today, to send this corrupt government a message that we have had enough of the locking up of Tasmania. There is currently some 48% of Tasmania’s land mass in some form of reserve. Enough is Enough! We want an election and we want it now!

Someone suggested that we should pass the hat around here today and ask you all to donate what ever you can to assist the Alomes with Funeral and air fare expenses. This is an opportunity to show our support for one of the families doing it tough out there at the moment. I believe that Scott’s brother John and his sister Anne-Marie are with us here today. Please show your generosity and let them know we are thinking of them all, at this saddest of times.


Tasmanian Devil Tumor

This story is from Brett Chatwin a Tasmanian and keen fisherman, as you know you meet the most interesting people while fishing and Brett did some months ago, you will find it interesting and some of these newspapers that only seem to look at the green's news releases.This article makes an interesting read in light of TNC recent claims on the the tassie devils in the Tarkine.


Enviromentalists Camp Abandoned?

Have you seen an environmental protestors camp after they have received the headlines that they wanted, this page will show you the conditions that protestors have left the camp including the booby traps that are designed to injure or kill forest workers if or when they cut trees down, if you support these environmentalists then you are also responsible for this camps and all the others like it.<<READ MORE HERE