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A Timber Union Donates to Get - Up


FEDFA donates $1,120,000.00 to Get Up;

This story was first pointed out to us by a disgruntled timber worker, his union that was suppose to be representing him and the other timber workers in the Tasmania, Yet that same union was donating over one million dollars to a group that is trying to close their industry. The same union was also one of the signatories to the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA).

The timber worker that pointed the donation out was very disturbed that a union that is suppose to be representing the workers in the Tasmanian saw mills and timber processing plants was behind the one of the many groups that is trying to close the industry in Tasmania.

There is also other interesting donors (as you can see below), it is no wonder that the workers in the Tasmanian timber industry feel let down and wonder what the hell unions that are in place to give support to the workers, are in fact helping the environmentalists with their so called cause and losing Tasmanian timber workers jobs, a lot of these timber workers that did not even recieve their entitlements as the timber companies and also the timber contractors will end up with nothing or in liquidation or end up bankrupt. In fact it was the FEDFA that appeared on the Tasmanian news one night storming into an ANZ bank office demanding that the bank pay their union members that had just lost their jobs with out any of their due entitlements because the ANZ bank a week earlier closed their employer and Tasmanian's biggers timber employee Gunn's Ltd. If the union can afford to donate over one million dollars to Get Up then may be they could pay their lost entitlements.

"Timber workers that are members of the FEDFA all over Australia should consider joining another union" Said the disgruntaled timber worker.


Major Get Up Donors list; (From their web site)

Donations above $10,000:
Name(s) - Date - Amount
Roger Allen 02/06/2012 $60,000
Tarkine Wilderness Pty Ltd 24/05/2012 $10,000
Australian Education Union 25/08/2011 $10,000.00
Roger Allen 30/03/2011 $40,000.00
Roslyn Horin 26/08/2010 $20,000.00
ASU 07/12/2010 $35,000.00
CFMEU 13/08/2010 $1,120,000.00
Richard Stiles 28/06/2010 $17,000.00
Graeme Wood 28/05/2010 $25,000.00
Anne Coombs 15/04/2010 $20,000.00
Richard Stiles 31/12/2009 $15,000.00
Mr/Ms Jo Skrynski 15/12/2008 $137,500.00
Mr/Mrs Maureen & Anthony Wheeler 15/11/2007 $82,500.00
CPSU Community & Public Sector Union 19/10/2007 $50,000.00
Jagen 09/07/2007 $50,000.00
Ms Deanne E Weir 08/08/2007 $40,000.00
AD Coombs 27/07/2007 $39,700.00
Mr/Mrs S J Killela 23/08/2007 $30,000.00
Mr Duncan Turpie 25/09/2007 $25,000.00
Mr Daniel Droga 03/10/2007 $20,000.00
Heyede Pty Ltd 02/08/2007 $18,250.00
Roger Allen 02/08/2007 $16,497.00
SM Varga & AD Coombes 11/11/2006 $90,000.00
M/- S J Killelea 01/02/2007 $70,000.00
Ms Deanne E Weir 04/10/2006 $25,000.00
Heyede Pty Ltd 12/12/2006 $16,665.00
E Thornley and T Ellery 07/03/2006 $14,165.00
Total of donations above $10,000 $2,022,277.00

If you are a timber worker, or member of one of the above unions then you should be on the phone asking questions.


The Australian Labour Party with the help of the same union, the CFMEU used its muscle to help close our paper manufacturing industry on the North West Coast in 1992, >>>CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION. Do you want to trust this union with your future welfare be warned

Lets Change the Rules Not Close It Down.

What happens when Tasmania attracts industry other then tourism of course. The greens and their sponsors drive them out of the state by telling us that the industry is bad for the state then if that does not work go overseas and visit the industries overseas customers and tell them mis-truths or half truths. This was the method used with Gunns industries NOW BANKRUPT.>> READ MORE HERE

Reveiw WriterDo Not Be Fooled Again.

How sorry should the rest of Australia be for people who voted for their own Darth Vaders, and, furthermore, continue to vote for them?

Isn’t it enough, just to have to pay unemployment benefits to people who brought it on themselves and who continue to reward the instruments of their ruin by electing them to office?