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About Pro Development Coalition

The Pro-Development Coalition with the assistance of the We Love Tasmania web site which is an independently owned and operated web site with the aim to collect all the Pro-development group stories and make these stories on all these sites avalible to the wider public, the public that do not know about our facebook pages. We want to show how many Tasmanian resource workers are hurting from the forced fly in fly out mine workers through to the timber workers that have been made redundant. The people that back these green campaigns do not see the human side of the green campaigns. These so called campaigns that close Tasmanian industries or damage the companies that badly that it is impossible for them to recover their public profile, the same green campaigns also leave people that work within these industries including their families without any incomes, which in turn threatens too and in some cases lose their homes, with some lives even being lost. Plus the small country communities loss people, these people are forced to leave their existing home, move to a new area where work is available.

These stories are the ones that the governments and the greens do not want you to know about, Have you heard anywhere in the newspapers about the 50 Tasmanian South East coast families from three small towns that have moved to the mainland or the main bread winner has had to leave their families and home to provide an income just to keep the payments up to date.

Have the newspapers even looked at the problems of these communities, NO, Well we are collecting these stories about the people. We recommend that you pop in now and again to see the new stories we have collected.

Families are being torn apart, due to the prolonged actions of the greens and some governments that have done deals with their livelihoods over many years, Then there has been times where governments have sat on their hands (some believe purposely) while these anti development people and groups have slowly killed industry in Tasmania.

You will also be shown some of the tactics of the many green groups that manipulate the facts in such a way as to make an industry look dishonest, untrustworthy and even wasting taxpayers money, this website is a way where the Tasmanian people that work within an industry can tell their side of a story of the deception that is being carried out by people that have other motives.


We Recommend that you come back on a regular basis, just to check if any new pages have been add.


Stressed mother

Lets Change the Rules, Not close it Down

What happens when we attract industry in Tasmania other then tourism of course. The greens and their sponsors drive them out of the state by telling us that the industry is bad for the state or go overseas and visit the industries overseas customers and tell them mis-truths or half truths, The industry goes broke or is forced to leave the state to a more business friendly state like NSW, Vic or WA. how can we get anywhere until the federal government makes this type of industrial terrorism is made illegal.



Questions for Mr Booth

Is it true, that a  prominent Green Parliamentarian Mr Kim Booth or his family imports overseas  timber into Tasmania and still says he is impartial when it comes to voting on shutting down major parts of the Tasmanian forest industry.

We would like Mr Kim Booth to answer some questions that have been asked before yet not answered in our opinion, publicly by Mr Booth, that is. >> READ MORE HERE


NW Tas

The Tarkine is More Buttongrass.

Many of the green groups have regularly used images of the so-called Tarkine's pristine forests; they even supply the images to the media to give us the idea that the Tarkine has never been logged for its specialty timbers and that the whole area is covered in these pristine forests. Well we can tell you that the impression that the area is covered in pristine forests is totally wrong.


Tasmanian Protesters

Magistrates Hand Out Light Sentences

In the past all Tasmanian magistrates have been far to lenient with protesters in Tasmania, and the public are getting very sick of these people breaking the law and getting away with no or very light penalties..>> READ MORE HERE