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Although fish farming has been in Tasmania since 1864 when James Youl, transported live brown trout ova from England to Melbourne then to Hobart, this was the start of Tasmanian first fish farming venture, Since that time the industry has grown and Tasmania has a valued reputation for both trout fishing and our salmon farming at many spots around our island home.

Since the last expansion in 2012 it has become very clear that one of the next industries that will be targeted by green campaigners, the expansion in Macquarie Harbour on the west coast was apposed by green groups, Even though it was proven the farm would have a minimal effect on the marine life of Macquarie Harbour they still apposed the expansion. The fishing industry in Tasmania has been growing at a steady rate for a number of years and employees a large group of people, the green groups will be slowly over the next few years increasing their fish

farming profile, will the green groups force the farms into a position that will see Tasmanian fish farms shrinking as they have with the timber industry and where now they are starting on the mining industry.