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Development Rallies Held in Tasmania.

Rallies have been held in Tasmania laterly.

Tasmania's pro-development groups have been standing up and being counted over the last few months in Tasmania.

Why at this time you ask?

Well there has been a variety of reasons for holding the more popular then expected rallies, but the subject that keeps coming up is the greens and the State Labour/Green government. with 2,000 and up to 3,000 people attending each town rally.

But why were they held.

Burnie Rally

Mining Rallies

The Rallies were conducted by the Paul Howes and the Australians Workers Union (AWU), Northern Group Give it Back and Northwest Group Unlock Tasmania. Allowing Mining within the newly named Tarkine area of the far North West Coast of Tasmania, or as the locals call it the Arthur Pieman area, This area is mainly made up of extensive button grass plains with some rain forests areas, scrub areas and even sand dune areas but the area is rich in all types of minerals from gold, silver, lead, zinc, tin, hematite, magnetite, copper and tungsten, there are a few new mines that are proposed within the large button grass and scrub areas, in fact there is an existing mine that has been working in the area now since the 1960's. No there is not any proposals to mine within the small and treasured rain forest areas. The Tasmanian's that attend the mining rallies want the miners to mine within the button grass and scrub areas, and both State and Federal government environmental ministers and their departments have agreed to two mines so far with tuff new conditions applied to both mines. These conditions would never even get a mention if a mine wanted to build a new mine in any other state.


Forestry Rallies

The Tasmanian Forest Agreement Bill 2012 (TFA

A bill of both state and federal parliaments arranged by the State and Federal labour Governments as a payoff or reward to the greens forNail in Coffenallowing them to govern, this forest agreement was struck between the the labour parties and greens as well as some other legislation after both state and federal elections ended up as hung parliaments. The Tasmanian people have felt that the reward of 170,000 hectares added to the existing heritage area that the greens received was a betrayal of the peoples trust, as no such agreement was every mentioned at the time of the election and with Tasmanian Timber Industry that is now devastated, from the users of specialty timbers thought to the country sawmills that once doted Tasmania’s landscape. The timber rallies and demonstrations were in the form of, drive a nail in the coffin by Give It Back. To protesting at the Ta Ann veneer factory gates in favour of the industry. The Green groups and Markets for change has devastated the Tasmanian timber industry that employed up to 4,000 people at one time which is now down to under 1,000 today. It is said by some that the extension to the world heritage area was illegal. in both, how it was achieved and how it was submitted, and further action could be forthcoming.


Martin Gilmour says in The Examiner’s Editorial on 25 June 2013:

There seems to be an increasing groundswell opposing more lock-ups.
At some stage Tasmanians need to decide when enough is enough, and federal politicians need to stop using Tasmania like a poker chip in a political card game to make the rest of Australia feel environmentally warm and fuzzy inside.
None of us wants to see the environment degraded, but equally we need to use our natural resources to our advantage.
These recent developments may please a hard-core group but none of it raises much hope that there will be harmony in the forest any time soon.



Pro Development Rallies

All town Rallies were used as a statement to those in power, and that means all parties and green groups, the Tasmanian people are sick of the Tasmanian green experiment. The experiment has caused Tasmania to become the economic basket case of all Australia's states and territories.

Companies of all sizes will not even look at Tasmania as no matter what type of industry or project, the Greens and their groups do everything in their power to disrupt their projects, even if the industry is in a forty year old industrial area. Even if it is known that a majority of Tasmanian people are for an industry, these groups have been known as bring in people from other states to increase their numbers thus giving the impression that the locals are the people protesting, Today Tasmania is not controlled by our political system but by a small hard core of environmentalists that determine what Tasmanians can not and what they can do.



Some Environmental Groups get Tax Free Status and Taxpayers Money.

Did you know that some Environmental group  not only have tax free status but some even get payments from us the taxpayers, Yes us , just a couple that do receive our taxpayers money are Environmental Tasmania, Tasmanian Conservation trust and Launceston Environmental Council.  
Environment Tasmania being one of these groups that receive both tax free status and Taxpayers money. You ask what they do well this was taken from their web site.
“Environment Tasmania is the peak body for environment groups across the state and is structured to ensure accountability to member groups. We liaise regularly with government and industry leaders and our member groups shape the direction we take, issues we address and how we tackle them.”
Their members include as of June 2013

Florentine Protection Society Inc.
Friends of Jackeys Marsh
Future Tasmania
Launceston Environment Centre
Mole Creek Caving Club
Nature Photographers Tasmania
Northeast Bioregional Network Inc.
Panama Forest & Denison River Catchment Group
Pedder Resoration Committee
Peninsula Environment Network
Save Our Sister
Spirit of Bruny
Tarkine National Coalition
Tasmanian National Parks Association Inc.
test loc
The Wilderness Society Inc.
West Wellington Protection Group

Wild Wielangt

Now why should Environmental Tasmania receive Tax free status as well as Taxpayers money to administer and arrange these groups that are holding protects and working against the majority of Tasmanian and the industries they work in.   



Union Donation to Environmentalists

This story was first pointed out to us by a disgruntled timber worker, his union that was suppose to be representing him and the other timber workers in the Tasmania, Yet that same union was donating over one million dollars to a group that is trying to close their industry. The same union was also one of the signatories to the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA)..



Questions for Mr Booth

It's true, a  prominent Green Parliamentarian Mr Kim Booth or his family imports overseas  timber into Tasmania and still says he is impartial when it comes to voting on shutting down major parts of the Tasmanian forest industry.






Prof Jonathan West Independent?

A ex Director of the Wilderness Society Professor West assembled a socalled team of independent experts including Wilderness Society Wild Country Science council member Brendan Mackey, former consultant to the Wilderness society on world Heritage issues, Peter Hitchcock, and former National forest coordinator of the Wilderness society, Sean Cadman..>> READ MORE HERE

Bill's Tree Harvest

Green Campaigning - Controversy

"We have grabbed ideas from wherever we could," Bob Brown explained in a 1983 interview. 'We looked at the way other people who sell cheese and paper tissues, how they do it, and thought that if that sells an idea then how much more important that [it] be grafted by us into saving wilderness'.. >> READ MORE HERE