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Upcoming Events

We post both Green and Pro Development events on this page, Why you ask do we want to put green activities on this page? If you want to learn about the green moverment or disrupt (by peaceful means) a green event.

No events planned at this time (Uless there is a rushed event)

These events will allow pro development people to attend or and orginise other people to attend a gathering, rally, get together, protest and other events. If you would like to find out more ask for more information on your pro development facebook site.

A Mum Has her say over Bob Brown.

A PRO-FORESTRY campaigner gatecrashed a news conference by former Australian Greens leader Bob Brown yesterday, accusing him of putting trees before families, jobs and economic wellbeing.

As signatories of the long-awaited forests peace agreement talked up the deal, the story of Claremont mum Kelly Wilton highlighted the problems that continue to plague the industry.


Questions for Mr Booth MP

Is it true, that a  prominent Green Parliamentarian Mr Kim Booth or his family imports overseas  timber into Tasmania and still says he is impartial when it comes to voting on shutting down major parts of the Tasmanian forest industry.>> READ MORE HERE