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Frequently Asked Questions


There is always questions that need answering, Here is the main questions that we are asked from time to time.

Question; Were the greens behind Gunns downfall?

Answer; Yes, it started even before the pulp mill was even mentioned, Gunns were hated by the greens as they were the biggest user of both old and plantation timber, and where always having protests against them, the gunns pulp mill was the main reason the the peace deal was started as Gunns thought it would assist with the pulp mill, Gunns tried to stop the protest by taking some protestor and the orginisers to civil court to recover some costs of loses incured by protestors. Also Gunns were the main target in the greens overseas customer blackmail campaign, the greens even threatened the ANZ bank that Gunns were using.


Question; How many Tasmanians are green supporters

Answer; At the last election the Tasmanian Greens recieved only around 21% of the primary vote. Most people you talk to these days will use the word hate to describe their feelings towards the Tasmanian greens as well as the many green groups in the state, yet if you ask the same people should we be looking after Tasmanian's clean green environment? all would agree that our environment is very important to them with all Tasmanians believe in protecting our environment but they also believe that they have to use the states resources to be able to have a lifestyle and similar services to that of the people in other Australian states. The Tasmanian people know th mining can be controlled by using both state and federal regulations to protect Tasmanian's clean green environment. With these regulations that protects the enviroment including the wildlife while the mine is in operation with the company contubuting to a rehabilitation bond that will be used after the minerals have been exhausted to rehabilitated the total area back to its natural state. If you would like to see some past rehabilitation work <<GO HERE


Mining Rehabilitation Images

To prove that mining rehabilitation has work on many past and existing Tasmanian mine sites we have collected some photos of some projects, put the your mouse over the photo and see the difference.

These images tell the story of how mine rehabilitation has worked over the past years. If you visit the same sites today you will see an even more revised site that is hard to see that there was a mine site there.>> READ MORE HERE

I did Work in Forestry Now in Tourism

As someone involved in forestry for nearly 20 years and then moved over to tourism I can tell you that tourism on its own is not the answer. The greens keep telling us that tourism is Tasmania's saviour, Graig tells it differently after being in both industries.