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Tasmanian Forestry

Forestry has for many years been one of Tasmanians major resource industries employing a large administration team with scientists and technical staff undertaking research of our forests, then the plant operators in the bush, the log truck drivers, saw millers, machine operators that dressed the timber and then there were the people that sell and ship our quality timber to destination around the world. Then their were the people that cleaned the land for planting, planted new trees as well as maintaining the forest as they grew, clearing fire breaks, thinning the forests and even fighting the fires.

The scientists and technical at Forestry Tasmania that have spend years studying and managing our forests have become forced outcasts in the Tasmanian and Australian communities due to the fact that they worked in Tasmanian Forests or as the old timers called it the bush.

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The Greens Groups Have Been Trying the Close the Forest Industry For Years

The greens have for years been trying to force the closure of our most valuable sustainable resource, a resource that renewed itself very 20 to 40 years, a resource that has been managed by people that were proud of their work. Protests where carried out in the timber workers work places, without any regard of the Tasmanian workplace laws, when these people refused to obey a police order to move they were arrested only to go to court some months later with no substantial penalties being handed down by the Tasmanian court system, these people knowingly broke the both workplace and trespass laws, cost the owners of the factories as well as the forest contractors the large amounts of money, this money was in production time and  of money to pay the wages of the workers, As well as refusing to obey a police orders and yet these people walk away from the courts with minimum penalties. Do not get us wrong everyone should have a right to protest but when people disobey police orders and cost companies money these protestors should be fined equivalent to the money lost as well as the cost of policing.
Companies have tried to sue the activists for the large amount of money lost through their deliberately targeting companies in a way that cost them large amounts of money, but constantly came up against a brick wall in the legal processes. Many people that are sick of the methods used by these activists and see that our political system is not willing to introduce laws that allows people to rightfully protest but does not allow activists to stop hard working people from losing their jobs and or money.


Green Groups Threaten Overseas Customers

Another method these activists use to hurt and damage our Australian owned companies and employers of Australians is to travel oversees and approach the foreign customers of our companies threaten with deception, half-truths and blackmail which turn these foreign customers against Australian companies and brands. Where do these companies then go to source their products? To other countries where there is not a threat of product boycotts. Then in some instances the foreign owned companies have even sourced timber products for illegally logged forests of Asia  and Brazil. Again has the Australian political parties done anything to stop this industrial blackmail of secondary boycotts, NO, although there has been talk but never been acted upon.

Many pro development groups are made up of the people that were employed by these same companies, with some of these companies now gone, Forced out of business with the help of these tactics and methods used to cost Tasmanian's as well as the companies losing money.  I would like to know if you the person reading this material would be willing to be forced to stop working and for the time that you have not worked you do not get paid well this is what these Tasmanian timber companies had to put up with while they were trading.

If you would like to have your say against this type of activity of industrial thuggery, We recommend that you join one of the Pro- Development groups that you will find on the home page.



Australia Institute is not “independent”.

The Australia Institute is the country’s most influential progressive think tank… With no formal political or commercial ties, the Institute is in a position to maintain its independence while advancing a vision for a fair and progressive Australia.

This is not quite accurate.>> READ MORE HERE




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The Closure of Tasmanian Timber Industry.

.The Present Tasmanian Government with the greens will tell you that the timber industry was on its knees due to global economic conditions, this is part of their propaganda they are using to try to elucidate their decision to shut down a large and long term employer. Yes the industry was going through some tough times but this was mainly due to the green group that call themselves Markets of Change.<<READ MORE HERE

Hellens timber story

Helen's Story

This is Helen’s and her families story which shows how the Tasmanian timber industry has been handled over the last few years,Helens story is only one of the many stories of the heartache that the greens have caused and do not want you to see.



Smithton stands up to protestersSmithton Standing up Against Activists.

The stage managed affair would have been a great news media grabber, with all the TV stations as well as the Tasmanian print media present, only for a slight but significant snag. The local pro development group Unlock Tasmania where out in the middle of the main street with their banners and signs.<<READ MORE HERE


Green Campaigning

"There is no question that it is a very controversial industry and there is no question that a small group of people is determined to try to deny the industry access to markets, and to capital, and are successful in doing so. In fact, it is my conclusion that it is almost inevitable that they will succeed in that".<<READ MORE HERE


Timber Union Donations.

The timber worker that pointed the donation out was very disturbed that a union that is suppose to be representing the workers in the Tasmanian saw mills and timber processing plants was behind the one of the many groups that is trying to close the timber industry in Tasmania. <<READ MORE HERE

Man cutting tree/tourists

Politicians make the rules, Harvesters follow the rules.

The Bill's have property is on South Bruny Island. A small island south of Hobart, the timber was purchased by Gunns one of Tasmania's largest private companies now in liquidation due to the terror tactics that were undertaken by the Greens and their many groups..>> READ MORE HERE


Is Dr Jonathan West Independent

In 2011 the Prime Minister appointed to him to chair and conduct the "independent verification” on the claims of the wilderness society and other environmental non government organisations on high conservation value forests.

Ask yourself. Is Dr Jonathan West Independent?