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Abandoned Camp Upper Florentine

This protestors camp shows how the green groups leave a site after they have finished a blockade, this blockade area was in the Upper Florentine, It was left abandoned with all rubbish, make-shift tents, barricades including the ram-rod set up and still in the set position, young trees had been cut down to make the tent supports, two larg trees had been cut down to block the roads, a system of wire rope that the protestors had positioned at the top of trees, when or if the trees that have the steel wires connected to them are cut down the system is designed to kick the bottom of the tree back and injure or kill the person that cut the tree, these inerconnecting wires are extremely hard to see on wet and overcast days the supplier of these images was nearly injured or killed when removing some of the trees.

All the timber workers that have seen these images are disturbed that some of the large drums where left with no and lose lids on them, The timber workers have said the any wild life like the Tasmanian devil or the Tasmanian wild cat could get into these drums looking for any food scraps and get trapped as the wildlife would not be able to climb out, Also the timber workers and miners were disgusted, explaining that the environmental regulations that their companies work under would be fined heiverly if they left a site in a similar condition, in fact timber workers would most likely be the ones that would clean the old adandoned camp up and remove it all to to waste desposal. Most of the workers also said that they would also be rehabilitating the area once cleaned up.

We would like to thank Brett G Bradly for the images that he had taken after he came across the old camp in the Upper Florentine, Tasmania.


Criminal Code Act 1924:  179. Setting man-traps, &c.
(1) Any person who, with intent to cause death or grievous bodily harm to any person, sets or places, or causes to be set or placed, in any place any spring-gun, man-trap, or other engine calculated to cause death or grievous bodily harm, or knowingly and with such intent allows any such thing to remain so set or placed in any place under his control, is guilty of a crime.

Note; What has been done about the traps, that we consider man traps set up on this site, the Tasmanian police have done nothing and still do nothing even though the traps are still in place. Now tell us who has the law on their side the protesters or the Timber Workers?

The Tasmanian Timber workers consider that the law is on the protesters side, these people come onto the timber workers work site and set traps and are not prosecuted and when the protesters go to court they recieve very light sentences. Tell us if we went onto the floor of parliment or in a court room what would be our penalties? of course we would go directly to JAIL, but a protester taht comes onto a timber workers work place is smacked on the hand and set on their way.<<<You can see more here.


Traps have been set before with no outcome

Criminal Code Act 1924 : 141. Common nuisances that are punishable.

A person who commits any common nuisance which endangers the lives, safety, or health of the public, or which occasions injury to the person of any individual, is guilty of a crime.