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Helen Family's Story

Webmaster Notes;

This is Helen’s and her families story which shows how the Tasmanian timber industry has been handled over the last few years, some people including the green groups say that there has been a downturn due to the high Australian dollar, This is partly true, but it has also been poorly handled by the present government, as the governments partners in power are the Greens, all the green groups have not wanted any forestry and since inception have wanted the industry closed in Tasmania, they often call forests that have been cleared and rehabilitated in past years OLD GROWTH FORESTS, as you will see from Helen’s story, peoples skills that have been acquired over generations have been and will be lost, like Helen's family most have learnt from the forest or bush over the years all this knowledge that is now gone, what is not mentioned in the newspapers and other forms of media is that these dedicated people have done such a good job over the years that these areas that have been rehabilitated after harvest many years ago by Helen's husband and family are now called Old Growth by the Tasmanian greens and their many groups. Helen has been devastated to see how some people have been treatment by the government, the public has only hear what the government wants them to know. Many hard working people have not received any so called payments to leave the industry, many have received absolutely nothing.



My Family have had four generations of Forest Workers. My husbands dad as a young man would go out the Bush (Forest) with his Grandfather to cut sleepers for the railway using the old methods of the cross cut saw an axe. After marrying his childhood sweetheart in the early 30s, he then was called away to WW11 for four long years.

On his return home to the Mount Field National Park area he then went on to work in the Bush (forest) again, where his job was to fall tree's the old way, with a cross cut saw, then use an old steam log Hauler to take the logs to the tram that in turn carried the logs to the mills.

As Helen's husband was growing up he often would go to work with dad at every possible moment he could, this is where he began to love the bush (forest). While working with his father in his teens him made him realize that this was what he wanted to do, work in the bush.
He can recall the day his dad said, “one day boy there will be a machine invented to do the job of this bloody saw”. Alas the chainsaw was invented.

Just before he left the local high school the teacher who could see that he loved the bush and told his parent's it was no use sending him to college. So a couple weeks after he left school in 1964 he started to work in the forest Industry. His first job was collecting seed from the coupes after his father had fallen the trees, then when the coupes were burnt I would broadcasted the seed on the hot ground which made an ideal seed bed. Helen's Husband has gone back to these coupes some 50 yrs later and has been amazed at the size and quality of the saw logs that had grown from the very small seeds that he had collected and broadcasted on the hot ground.

He received an opportunity to work at A.N.M (Australian Newsprint Mills) which later become Norske Slog, working there for some 40 yrs in which he had become a Sivilculture specialist. (Meaning; Silviculture is the practice of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of forests to meet diverse needs and values. The name comes from the Latin silvi- (forest) + culture (as in growing). The study of forests and woods is termed silvology).

After I finished working at A.N.M. He and Helen opened their own small business specialising in Sivilculture. Over the years he also trained to become accredited in Wildfire suppression, weather evaluation, bush fire fighting in which he now a trained teacher for Forest Works in which he is one of only three men in the state of Tasmania that is trained to teach in this forestry field. But sadly we had to cut our losses close our business earlier this year.

My son opened and started State-wide Forest Services in 1995 with himself his brother and a handful of men.
Within a couple of years the young entrepreneur, had over 40 men working in the Forest Industry, the business also had bull dozers and excavators.
State-wide Forest Service’s trained their men in all aspects of forest works, including with their bull dozers and excavators had a crew trained in bush fire fighting. State-wide Forest Services were the first response to a bush fire also the first with machinery on the fire ground.
But last year my had to close his forestry business due to the lack of work and restructure the company into the field of earth works.

My husbands story has taken four generations that harvested then rehabilitated, nurture, protect some substantial amount of forest in Tasmania what he and his son throught was for future generations to use.

It has taken our present Green/ Labor government only two years to destroy that future.
Sadly for myself and my family there is no going back we will not have the opportunity to work in our preferred workplace anymore.
We need a ELECTION and we need it NOW. If this I.G.A goes ahead do people realize there will only be 2.6% left for Industry JOKE what INDUSTRY. 

So please everyone make a noise, take a stand make this bloody government realize we have had enough. GIVE BACK OUR STATE.


Since this story Helen has been attacked several times by people via Facebook email written under an alias.


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