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Our Rehabilitation Images

Most Tasmanians would agree that their states environment is very important to them. All Tasmanians believe in protecting our environment but they also believe that they have to use the states resources to be able to have a lifestyle and similar services to that of the people in other Australian states. The Tasmanian people know that mining can be controlled by using both state and federal regulations to protect Tasmanian's clean green environment. With these regulations that protects the environment including the wildlife while the mine is in operation. But the company would be contubuting to a rehabilitation bond that will be used after the minerals have been exhausted to rehabilitate the total area back to its natural state. The problem is that even with these processes in place the Tasmanian Greens as well as their green groups will still not agree with the processes. They would rather close the whole area off to any sustainable development, thus lowering the people of Tasmania's standard of living, including the heartache that being unemployed brings as well as the depression, marriage break-ups and family breakdowns that goes with long term unemployment.

The images below are some examples of some old and existing sites after rehabilitation work has been completed as well as some time passing.

we would like to thank LMRS Pty Ltd and the Minerals council for the images shown in this section <<You can see more or the originals here

Place your mouse over the image of the old mine to see what it looked like, some time later

King Island Mine Rehabilitation

King Island Scheelite Mine

King Island Scheelite mine was a good employer for the years between 1975 to 1990 for King Island.

The mine is to be redeveloped within the next few years with the old site being used again but as you can see, it is hard to see where the existing mine and processing mill was located.



Goldconda Mine (Beaconsfield)

Gold was found at Goldconda 1872 but the reefs were not opened till 1877.

This total area was rich in gold with Beaconsfield gold mine not far away which become one of the richest mine in Australia.

Goldcondor tailings will be reworked in the near future, these tailings will be processed at the Beaconsfield processing plant.

Mine rehab

Beaconsfeild Mine Rehab

This area was in a shocking state before the mine area was rehabilited with native plants and grasses.

Renison Bell, West Coast,Tasmania

Renison Bell Tailing Dam

This old tailing dam was used for many years to catch and residues from the old processing plant.

South Esk ,Launceston, Tasmania

South Esk Clay Pit

This area was a old clay pit, next to the South Esk River.

This area now has some rare plants within the old clay pit area.

Hellyer Mine Road

Hellyer Mine Entrance

From around three years from when the mine started the entrance

the entrance and surrounding areas were rehabilited with native plants.